Sunday, October 04, 2009

Sunday Things...

October is here, along with cool weather. I could not be happier. We're taking the boys to Bates Nut Farm today. It's a good way to start off the holiday season, get some photos with the huge pumpkins, and let the boys run wild in the country. It's been a great weekend here. The absence of sun means gardening, being outdoors, hot coffee, comfort food and being able to wear jeans instead of shorts. I loathe shorts, and firmly believe they are the most unflattering piece of clothing a girl can wear. Although I can tolerate bermuda length in some respects, for the most part, they're all bad.

We planted a specimen tree in our backyard yesterday. Fancy, I know. We have a corner that has been lacking a feature plant for a long time. After our backyard remodel, done by our great friends and landscape designers at Inside Outside Style... we never got around to choosing the right specimen for the corner. We went to the nursery yesterday with the kids, another favorite spot , and we picked out a Desert Museum Palo Verde tree. I've wanted a palo verde for years. Palo Verdes transport me directly to the desert. Green trunks, green limbs, vibrant yellow flowers, bees... divine. It fits perfectly in the corner, like it was meant to be.

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