Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Nash

I cannot believe that today I have a three year old. So many parents have told me how fast it goes- but I just never knew until now. It's amazing to see my baby at almost 40 inches tall, using tons of words, becoming independent and becoming more of a boy every single day.

Today I brought homemade cupcakes to his preschool. They were blue with bright blue sprinkles. I'm sure Mrs. Cora will love me for the food coloring, but blue seems to match Nash so well. He is all about trucks, backhoes, digging trenches, getting muddy (when we're lucky enough to have mud) and being an all around boy. I adore that his favorite toys are saws and jackhammers... since he comes from a long line of mill men, developers, construction workers and engineers- I encourage it that much more. I will miss these days, and often wish we could stop Father Time.

This day is for you Nash.
Happy Birthday Baby, thanks for bringing us so much joy.

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