Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Baby Book Neglect

I'm guilty as charged. Not only did I stop writing in Nash's baby book when he was just over a year, but I've completely dropped the ball on beginning Tate's. I have good intentions... I keep their books both on my nightstand, underneath the piles of unread magazines, dogeared Twilight sagas and lip balm. I just never find the time to sit down and write.

I have terrible visions of my kids growing up and asking me for their books. What will I give them? What can I show them? I suppose at that time I can bring out the old hard drive and sort through thousands of photos... smiles, laughs, captured moments, bedhead, holidays, pets, garden adventures. After we go through the photos- if we have time... I can bring out all the scribbles and mementos that are shoved into folders and drawers by my scattered desk (I don't think it will be clean by this time either.)

My Days are so filled with work, cleaning, dropping off, picking up, grocery shopping, cleaning again. The moments that fit between these responsibilities are the important ones. They are playing with backhoes, pillow fights, snacktime, getting wet in the hose, kisses, crunches (a much more boyish term we use for hugs), bathtime, winetime (just being honest), and moments that I would not give up for the world.

So, let the books gather dust. Maybe my kids will have to read a blog or emails in their accounts that I've already started. Whatever piece of history I can dig up won't be nearly as important as the time I can spend with them now.

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