Wednesday, September 30, 2009

another fragrance obsession...

I vowed not to sniff another perfume house, until I was completely finished with all the half empty bottles on my counter... all of which I've adored at different moods of my life. I broke my vow when I walked through the doors of Needless Markup today. Don't judge, I had a gift card for 50 bucks... yes- someone had the nerve to get me a NM gift card for under 500 dollars. What did they think I could purchase? Lipstick I suppose, but I passed that counter on my way to Jo Malone.

A plethora of scents, each one remarkably identical to the fragrance described on the slick little bottle. Cocoas, figs, anise, nectarines, honey... where does a perfume trollop begin?

do yourself a favor and meander by the counter, even if just for a sniff of the vanilla and anise.

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