Thursday, August 27, 2009

jackhammers for binkies

yesterday we received my son's Halloween costume in the mail. He's going to be a construction worker- what else? It only took me minutes to realize that the child sized Bosch jackhammer that is part of his costume, could be used for bribery. I wasted no time. I pulled the shiny yellow tool from it's packaging, equipped it with triple A's and found Nash. I asked him if he wanted the jackhammer... no surprise that he would have given anything up for it at that moment. I then instructed him to find all his binkies and give them to Mommy in trade for the jackhammer. He didn't hesitate.

Come seven o'clock last night, the novelty had not worn off the tool, and bedtime rapidly approached. I tucked him into bed with his blankie and his jackhammer and said Goodnight to my big boy. Although the thought of having a 3 year old with a pacifier was horrifying to me... the thought of my baby growing up was even scarier.

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