Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Toddler Eating Habits...

I've become so completely frustrated with my boys eating habits, I'm stumped. I dread dinner time every single day. It never fails that regardless of what I'm preparing- whether it's a delicious home cooked meal or frozen toddler treats... the food is thrown, spit out and hardly eaten. What is a girl to do?

I've gone as far as to succumb to the sneaky chef and possibly try out some of her recipes. I'm not hysterical about getting a ton of fruit or veggies down them- but at least discovering a few meals they really enjoy and that I can cling to in a time of need.

At this point we're on a steady diet of cottage cheese, popsicles, frozen waffles and yogurt. I find myself feeling really guilty when dinner time rolls around. I swore I'd never feed my kids "kid food" and would do my best to prepare really healthy meals and teach them the joy of food. Where have I gone wrong?

I never knew the taste of macaroni and cheese from a box... nor were nuggets an option when I was a child. Thanks to the beauty of memory loss- my Mom swears I ate everything that she fixed. As much as I don't believe that, it would sure be nice. Hell, if I could just skip one night of cleaning dinner off the floor, I would be thrilled.

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