Wednesday, May 20, 2009

on a sidenote

I'm going to begin a small side column of things that I feel are "must try" items. More than likely the column will end up being mostly wine, since I try many and love wine dearly. I feel that this wine I'm loving now, deserves it's own small blog. It's one of those wines that I stumbled upon and cannot get enough of. It is my go-to wine for late Spring and Summer. It pairs well with anything from fruit salad and bbq meats to feisty cheeses and charcuterie. Enjoy it now. It is called Zolo Torrontes. 2007 is a great vintage, however; I'm sure they all will suffice. It's a solid wine- from the Fincas Patagonicas winery in Argentina. This is a favorite....

The Dow Jones Torrontes Index... Very Good/Delicious. Best value. Juicy, with oranges, grapefruit and a touch of honey. Balanced and grown-up. Satisfying and sophisticated, with lovely fruit and admirable restraint. The Wall Street Journal June 20, 2008 Aromas are delicate and intense; tropical flowers and fruit are predominant. Fresh flavor, well balanced with a long finish.

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