Sunday, May 31, 2009

On Pankah's lap

My son Nash calls his Grandpa "Pankah"... because at one time he could not pronounce Grandpa. This morning while my Dad was here for breakfast, Nash was sitting on his lap and turned to him and said, "Pankah, I want skateboard for my burfday"... where did my baby go?

Isn't 3 too young for a skateboard? My husband and my Father apparently feel it's plenty old. I would however; like to avoid the ER as much as possible this early on. Thoughts?

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  1. I think it depends on how coordinated he is. Owen has one and maybe in 10 years when he's better at balancing I'll let him check it out:) But I see some kids his age that are really risk takers and don't mind falling down..O is not that kid. Make sure he wears a helmet and it should be all good...

    Oh, and the yogurt thing. I buy the organic stonybrook ones @ TJ's and I feel totally fine about them. I haven't tried gogurts but I rarely shop anywhere that would sell them. If Maya couldn't eat yogurt she'd probably's a staple for her:)