Wednesday, May 27, 2009

i love the crib tent

So....a few months back we set off on the toddler-bed journey... to say that there were some obstacles, would be a great understatement. Our once peaceful evenings became anxious,tear-filled, screeching tantrum events- and that was just Mommy's experience. We battled it out for almost six weeks. We followed all the rules... no talking, returning to bed, being consistent, patient, etc.. to no avail. It was a fruitless adventure and was leading to much distress in each of our lives. Nash was simply not ready for the big boy bed, even though he was leaping out of his crib at every given opportunity. We could not risk him being injured, nor could we put ourselves through the agony any longer. I ordered a crib tent. I can honestly say as a Mom of two boys and someone who does not care for clutter or contraptions in her home- the crib tent saved our lives. It brought us right back to the peaceful little family we once were. Nash has returned to his bedtime at 7:30 and he loves his tent as much as we do. Thank you inventor of the crib tent. 70 dollars is a small price to pay for this tranquility.

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