Sunday, April 26, 2009

my obsession with yogurtland....

Tonight we were wiped out. After a long and exciting week in the desert, followed by a full weekend of good times- I could not find it in myself to make dinner, nor were we very hungry. Enter Yogurtland. Yogurtland is in the college area and a few exits away from us. It's worth the trip. I'd drive great lengths for their yogurt. Not only does it have the best flavor and consistency, there are outrageous and fresh toppings to go along with it. Top this off with a fresh little vibe and cute spoons- I'm sold. My favorite toppings are their plain tart and their green tea. Tonight they weren't pumping the tea, so I went with taro instead.... nearly as good. I topped my smooth cup of delight with fresh mango, kiwi and mochi. It was perfection as far as I was concerned. I just finished it.... every last bite.

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