Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Infant Swim Resource

This week is a big one for us. My oldest son Nash, begins his "update" classes for ISR, while my baby Tate begins his ISR lessons for the first time. It's been a rough two days so far. Lots of crying from both of them. I had mixed feelings about doing ISR at first- but seeing Nash in the pool now and having the comfort level I have around water with them is invaluable and worth every tear.

Our day began this morning with Nash saying he wanted to go swimming, yet by the time we had reached the corner of Clairemont Mesa and Moraga- he was saying he "needed" to go home and telling me to turn around. His attitude didn't change much after he witnessed the one year old in the middle of his lesson upon our arrival-

It's tough to watch. Bobbing under the water, coming up screaming and all along parents on the edge wishing they could comfort their babes. Not to mention we've never had one warm morning in the pool since we began this journey over a year ago. It's constantly cloudy and overcast. I hate Clairemont by the way. I really do. It's a square and dismal area of San Diego as far as I'm concerned. Sorry to those who live there, because it is just an opinion... but the blocks and blocks of strip malls intermingled with boxy and poorly built 50's houses just don't do it for me. I'll have to go on about Clairemont later, because I do believe that it's one of the best places- location wise, in the county.... so wtf? More on that and the defense industry - later possibly.

I digress.

The lessons begin with such intensity that many parents can't handle it. The ones who remain and who can get through the first week or two of misery are rewarded with such peace at the end. If it only buys me a few minutes of time, should one of my children fall into the water... I'll take it gladly. Swim on.

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