Tuesday, December 18, 2007

nigh nigh

we met some close friends and their son out for dinner last night. We decided to eat at a restaurant that no one had tried before. It was a seedy little family Italian joint- complete with signed photos on the wall and really old carpet. They're famous for serving cheese nips and salami on a plate as a little gratis snack (although we were stiffed on this). Anyhow, our friends have a son who is a few months older than our son and they've played together since birth. We sat them at the end of the table across from eachother in high chairs, so they could keep each other entertained. Just before our dinner came, my son let out the most high pitch, blood curdling screech that I have ever heard. Heads turned in the restaurant and this begins the screaming stage that all parents fear. That screech was followed by a laugh and then another screech. The strangers at the table next to us thought it was funny, so they held up their fingers and shooshed and laughed at our son... which just made him more excited. My husband, the wonderful guy he is, got up and took Nash outside to get some energy out. There I was, almost 7 months pregnant and feeling all the blood rush to my face from embarassment. I was that lady with the screaming child. It was me. Our night continued with another screaming episode, followed by another trip outside. Luckily our friends went through this already with their son (or at least they told us this to make us feel better), so they were more than understanding and very cool about the whole scene. It helped that the restaurant we were in was a step up from Denny's.

After we returned home from the evening, we gave our kiddo a bath and put him in his jammies. My husband read him a few stories and picked him up to take him to bed... "time to go night night" we said to him... and he clearly replied "nigh nigh"... for the very first time. There our hearts were, melted on the floor in one big soppy puddle of love. Screaming and all... he is the best kid on the planet.

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