Friday, December 07, 2007

choking on cheerios

holidays in full swing. I'm laying on my couch and staring out our West facing windows with a buckwheat heat pack on my back. What the hell? I think I may have pulled something during my panic over Nash choking on a cheerio this morning. He is a repeat offender and this is the second time he's gotten one stuck in his throat enough to send the rest of his breakfast flying out.
Today was especially nice because we were in a restaurant. My Mom- who happens to be the best human on the planet in my opinion- used the clean linen napkin to wipe up the mess, while I carted him off to the bathroom. Of course there was only one bathroom that was occupied, so while I stood in the hallway of the restaurant (still visible to the rest of the breakfasters) I wondered what in the hell I could accomplish in the bathroom? I returned to my seat and missed the last few bites of my jam swabbed toast, to get my armloads of shit together and head to the car.
The rest of my day was much less exciting and slow, thanks to my cheerio induced injury.

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