Monday, June 11, 2007

Mommy Events

went to Baby Loves Disco yesterday ( with some girlfriends and their kids... what an event. All of a sudden I feel part of this secret Mommy society. This event took place at an actual club downtown. In fact, the smell of stale booze and disinfectant was lingering from clean up of the night before. I kept my eye on where my son was crawling... especially after the Jude Law scare.

The event was really fun. Not sure how many of these outings I'd be up for... but it's pretty amazing that things like this are organized and centered around kids. The club had different areas to visit. There was a "chill out" area (where we spent most the day), a dance area.. complete with DJ, hula hoops, and bubble machines. There were kids hair stylists who applied glitter, hair paint and scarves to any child brave enough and my favorites... a massage room, where Mommy could go get a quickie chair massage if she was lucky enough to have someone keep an eye on her litter. Last but certainly not least-a full bar. What?? You don't expect Mommy to get hip to the disco event without a cocktail- do you?

All in all... I was impressed. Overwhelmed, but impressed. There was even Stroller Parking in front of the club. There's a picture for you.

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