Thursday, August 31, 2006

80% Effaced!!

Went for my 37 week appointment yesterday & I'm 80% effaced. This could mean absolutely nothing in terms of an earlier delivery date... but atleast it means I'm progressing! Things around the house are all tidy. I've "nested" to the extremes. The nesting instinct is very real for me. I have always been compulsive in terms of housecleaning and organizing, but this time has gone even further. Even my refrigerator shines. It's lovely.

These last couple of weeks have meant lots of time at home with our pups, and too much time on the computer. I've become obsessed with cloth diapering and I spend entirely too many hours on . This has to be the best resource for cloth diapering. I'm addicted. It's so nice to find other Moms who are concerned with what they put on their baby's ass, as well as what their impact on the environment is. Cloth dipes have come a long way since pins and plastic pants. I'm on a mighty soapbox about it, so don't get me started.

Ebay has become a source of fun too. It's scary how easy paypal is. I like it because it's less horrible than seeing a Nordstrom charge on your online statement. Speaking of Nordstrom charges, a girlfriend of mine used to buy Nordstrom gift cards at Vons (they sell them up front during the holidays) and spend them on herself... so that her husband wouldn't know. Very tricky, but a good idea.

I'm off to the grocery store now.

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