Thursday, July 20, 2006

cloth diapers and breast sweat

Summer is definitely here in Southern California... and being 31 weeks (yes, weeks...) along has been such an adventure. I am so happy to be able to wear flip flops and flowy skirts guiltlessly at this time of year. I'd much rather be able to wear any Summer garb, rather than be bundled up in sweaters or have my swollen feet stuffed into boots.

Summer pregnancy brings on some serious hormonal and heated moments. Just yesterday I had some experiences in Whole Foods. I love Whole Foods. It's a total escape. I could spend hours in the cheese shop alone. When I walk into Whole Foods, it puts a smile on my face. The produce is so bright, the aisles are wide and there's so much unecessary hormone free and good for you stuff to buy. How can you not love it? This brings me to the "pissy" woman who I encountered at Whole Foods....

While pulling in the parking lot I had made my plan to hobble down the stairs and make it quickly to the Whole Foods bathroom. It's a huge store, but there's only one bathroom... one door, one toilet. When I approached the door, the small green indicator said: "VACANT".. but when I pushed the handle, it was locked. I listened closely and could hear someone inside, so I figured that the indicator was broken and I waited patiently outside the door. Just then, a very hurried and brightly dressed woman came rushing up in front of me and grabbed on to the door handle. When the handle or the door would not budge, she shook it hastily a couple of times and then mumbled something. I then said to her... "I'm waiting for the restroom also.."..
in which she responded.. "It says VACANT!!"...
My reply was a simple... "yes, I think the lock must be broken, but someone is indeed inside"...
This croc wearing woman (hate those shoes... and hope you don't own a pair) came and stood right inside my personal space next to me and could not take her eyes off of me. She stared me up and down from my toes to the tip of my skull.. pausing for a LOOONG time at my big beautiful round belly. She muttered something like "oh I think I could burst.." and then more staring, as if I would EVER let anyone skip in front of me in line at this point.... I am assuming this woman has never had children, or she would know that cutting in front of a pregnant woman in a bathroom is one of the deadly sins. Without further adieu... the woman then realized I wasn't letting her go ahead of me and she rushed away. Good riddance, right?

Then.... the door opens. Out wobbles this very elderly woman with grocery bags with a sweet smile on her face. I helped her out the door and then went in to relieve my buldging bladder of the teaspoon of tinkle in it. Just as I begin to get my elastic waistband down... there's a big knock on the door and a woman (THE woman!!) shouts "hurry please! You need to hurry!!"...
By this time, I was pissed (literally). I tinkled, washed up and then exited... upon which she started to barge into the restroom before I could even get out... I could stand it no more and any mother knows that sometimes the filter just escapes you during these times...
I reprimanded her with a "Hey, I waited just as long as you to use this restroom... and you are just being plain rude!!"... before she could grunt out a measly apology, I gave a little flick of the hand and walked away... into the wide aisles and perky produce of Whole Foods.
I got my GDiapers... I put them in the closet full of baby stuff. I rub my belly and smile.

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  1. You may never read this since you wrote this a LONG time ago but I LOVE that story. Oh Bree, love ya girl.. a lot!!! What a jackass (that lady was).
    And in full disclousure, I buy crocs for Owee and will probably buy some for Maya this year. I think they're a good kid shoe???
    Actually, for my bday in Feb. my mother sent me a pair of mamoths (the kind lined with sheepskin) that I wear as slippers and to take the trash out. :)
    I hope you start blogging again, as the posts are thoroughly entertaining:)