Tuesday, April 11, 2006

online review junkie

so... recently I've discovered that I rely much to heavily on "user reviews". Seems like every vacation I have planned, product I need to buy, or restaurant I want to eat at... must first be validated by some positive reviews that I find on the internet. I am ashamed. This brings me to the question: "who writes these reviews?"...
The more I think about it, it disturbs me. Who's to say that the owner of a restaurant isn't climbing on line and honking his/her own culinary horn? Perhaps they're convincing their friends to write jolly reviews too!
This all came to a head this morning, when I was searching for reviews on the upcoming vacation to Sedona that my husband and I have planned. We are staying at my Mom's timeshare (it's free by the way, which makes this more pathetic!) . Anyhow, I found all these reviews about it... and they generally freaked me out. Enough that I thought I needed to call the resort and verify what floor our room was on, what our view was, if our suite was upgraded, yadda yadda yadda! It didn't stop here. While I was eating my turkey sandwich on whole grain bread in the lunch room... I had an issue of Fitness magazine (god knows why I was looking at it... I'm 4 months pregnant!) where I saw an advertisement for a new Sally Hansen wax! It looked delightful, chocolate scented and everything. I thought of the luxuries that lie ahead of me: saving money monthly on my expensive wax excursions, using my new microwave, self inflicted pain... but instead of just putting it on my drugstore list, I had to consult the internet!
I've decided to quit this habit for a while. Live a little dangerously. Eat at restaurants without knowing what anyone thought about them. Wax myself crazy.

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  1. Again, probably won't read this but feel compelled to write.
    So, how was Sedona? Do you mean in AZ? I was there once and LOVED it. What a beautiful place.
    And, did you buy the wax? I bought the BLISS one and used it for awhile but now I leave it in the hands of the pros..just too painful to do myself.